Pharmacists: No, birth control will not pay for itself under Obama mandate

birth control pill

When he promulgated his “accommodation” to his unpopular abortifacient birth control mandate, President Barack Obama insisted, “The overall cost of health care is lower when women have access to contraceptive services.” But America’s pharmacists, who dispense the drug, disagree.

Reimbursement Intelligence asked 15 pharmacy directors, representing more than 100 million covered lives, what effect the president’s mandate that insurance companies provide “free” contraceptives would have on their bottom line.

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  • Mo

    Lets see, Government pays for birth control thus condoning it. Birth control has been proven to cause all kinds of medical issues. There fore anyone taking birth control that is being condoned by the government  could down the road after experiencing health problems sue the government for miss guiding them. Hmm I guess we will have to pay for that too.

  • B in VA

    Realize folks ~ the Name & face of this controversy is a 30 yr old Law schl student.
     The REALTIY of this will prbly be teen girls & those in early 20′s.
    I feel! this age grp will LOVE all the sexual attention they receive, by wont realize (til MUCH later) they were just being used!
       Used like a dishrag by boys/men! for u know what!    
    I hope free MENTAL health care is also spooned out, when said girls go down into the drug & alcohol spiral of poor & NO self-esteem, b/c they feel so used!
       Oh! is this also just part of the solution to tear families apart so ALL will depend on Uncle Sammy (US Gov’t) ? & vote accordingly to continue receiving Unk’s support?

  • Samtman

    Birth control pills is medicine that woman use for many reasons, including to retain regular menstrual  periods. Woman who are advised not to get pregnant by their  doctors because giving   birth can endanger their lives. Many woman going through manopause also use this medicine to reduce different problems including profuse bleeding.  Yes, and woman have the right and freedom under the constitutjon to use this medicine  for family planning and prevent pregnancies when the woman is not ready to have children yet. 

    • shortyshappy

      Some days my memory isn’t so good…..would you please refer me to where it says in the Constitution that women have the RIGHT to have birth control provided to them free?     

    • EdinNola

      Yes there are medical (women’s healthcare) reasons for a woman to take birth control pills and in such cases the medication should be covered by insurance.  I submit that this is a very, very small proportion of the birth control user population, and an even smaller proportion of the general female population. 

      I would like to point out two things in this argument: 

      1 – birth control medication has for most some degree of deleterious effects.  In layman’s language, overall, especially when not under strict medical control:  its not good for you.

      2 – There is a fairly inexpensive, if inconvenient alternative called a condom.  Cheap too.  It has the greatly appreciated additional advantage of helping to prevent disease (some of which is deadly).  For women, it also has the effect of helping to reduce or eliminate any costs involved, and helps to prevent contraction of disease.  Used properly, condoms do prevent pregnancy, and they do help to prevent the communication of disease.  Unless you have absolutely no self control, the condom is the birth control of choice, and it helps to prevent the transmission of venereal disease.

      This is what is called a bogus argument for trying to replace individual responsiblity with a government mandate.  It is intended to increase the power of an already incompetent government.  It is introduced at this time to buy votes.

    • LadyJane

      No one is trying to prevent bc from being used, I don’t care if you use it or not, the insurance companies, (us from premiums) should not have to pay for it.  You use it, you pay for it, or pay a co-pay.