Docs Urge Feds to Regulate 'Toxic' Sugar


Added sugars are as much a threat to public health as alcohol and tobacco, and should be regulated in a similar fashion, some researchers suggest.

That includes levying taxes on sugary foods and even enforcing age limits for buying sodas, Robert Lustig, MD, of the University of California San Francisco, and colleagues wrote in a comment in Nature.

“For both alcohol and tobacco, there is robust evidence that gentle ‘supply side’ control strategies which stop short of all-out prohibition — taxation, distribution controls, age limits — lower both the consumption of the product and the accompanying health harms,” they wrote.

Lustig and colleagues called sugar “toxic,” particularly in excessive amounts, noting that it poses dangers similar to those of alcohol. Fructose, specifically, can harm the liver, they wrote, and overconsumption has been linked with all the diseases involved with metabolic syndrome: hypertension, high triglycerides, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

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    Just another way for the Eugenicist Elites to law us into Manufactured Sugar Substitutes . list of symptoms and effects of aspartame below. they want us all on this stuff,you have to ask why!

  • BrazosBoy

    There are NO commercials/ads on the television regarding the use of tobacco. As someone wrote,"There was a time when the ads
    included endorsements of particular brands by physicians. Not any more." Although the consumption of alcohol has been listed as
    one of the most frequent causes of vehicular "accidents" and deaths/serious injuries, there has been little,if any,effort to curb the television commercials urging the listener to drink more of his/her favorite alcoholic beverage. Could it be that the doctors and the members of Congress are not interested in REAL big problems?????

  • suecitysue

    What do you expect from these flaky doctors. I think these Drs. practice as a hobby. Where were they located? The Bay area or the Gay area.

  • Rick L

    “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security” — Benjamin Franklin

  • lerojist

    Let's face it refined sugar, corn syrup, etc. is bad for us. We need to take care of our future generations, encourage them not to eat. It needs to be out of their reach. Sugar is ADDICTIVE, leads to many diseases. But, I prefer the medical community to give warnings on the bad things sugar does, than by CONTROLLING us more. I believe in preventative medicine. I ask you why did we ever let it out of our control, on the sugar issue, and the government control issue? With a corrupt digestive system, a people will become apathetic, and easily manipulated. Look what has happened!

  • JOE

    i have been studying nutrition and bio chemistry for the past fifty five years,,,white sugar is not natural ,,,it has been processed andhas no food value…brown,,, or unprocessed sugar is as nature made it and can be asimulated without a problem however corn syrup is another story…its the cheapest sweetner available and its practacly in eveyy processed food you eat,,,unknown to you…and it extreemly dangerous…of course you are all aware that too much sugar of any kind interfers with your insulin and diabetes is on the increase…does that wake you up??? too much sugar also interfers with your your mental capacity…stop giving kids all the soft drinks they want and stop giving them sweetend cerials and cakes…they will never realize that when they get older and get sick its mom and pops fault because you trust our government…wake up people,,its later than you think joe

  • Raymond

    Is Your Food Safe To Eat?
    Let's examine the evidence…

  • Sue

    You might want to check this out:

  • Sue

    I don't want a mommy and daddy government any more than the rest of you folks, but I want to be as fully informed as possible before I put something on the dinner table.

    You might want to check this out_ _

  • Sue

    Most of our foods have been over-processessed. As for white sugar, it has been processed to the point that is indeed a toxin to our systems.
    Consider this information before you make up your mind about white sugar. Mind you, I don't need a mommy and daddy government any more than you, but we really should not only have complete labeling on everything intended for consumption, we should educate ourselves as to the properties of the food we eat, and the effects a particular "food" we put in our mouth- including whether it be GM or highly processed, or sugar laden.

  • Dor

    This is nothing but propaganda to get the public to accept aspartame, a sweetner made from the FECAL MATTER OF THE E. COLI BACTERIA!!! Please carefully read the ingredients of the items that you purchase when shopping. They are now ADDING aspartame to sugared gum, sugared sodas, and baked items. I have seen this myself while grocery shopping. I'm sure they will be adding it to MANY other items. When I was pregnant with my youngest son, now 25, my ob/gyn told me to stay away from Nutrasweet and Equal as they were made with aspartame, which could possibly be harmful to the baby, me, or both of us. He way waaaay ahead of his time and I know this is hard to believe, but he was an HONEST doctor!!! Yes, if you eat or drink too many sugared items, you're going to gain weight, but as dangerous as tobacco or alcohol, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! If they could convince people that arsenic was good for you, unfortunately, I'm sure some would believe that. They have dumbed down the public too much already. Let it stop with you!!!

    • Dor

      By the way, most doctors receive approx. 2 hours of training in nutrition and that is funded by the big sugar companies.

  • Lipstick

    We really need to stop governments being able to regulate us to death. It is none of their business what we do. We can make our own life choices. As long as thet can fund anything that moves we will always be in debt. As long as they can regulate us we will not eber be free. It is time for them to butt i=out of not only our lives and make them stay out of everyone else's also. They should only be aware of what will hurt this nation down the road and stop their meddling and wars that do not pertain to our country's safety.