Bill Would Ban Aborted Fetuses in Food


An Oklahoma bill that would ban the sale of food containing aborted human fetuses has some people wondering: What food currently contains aborted human fetuses?

The bill, introduced Jan. 18 by State Sen. Ralph Shortey, prohibits the manufacture or sale of “food or any other product intended for human consumption which contains aborted human fetuses in the ingredients or which used aborted human fetuses in the research or development of any of the ingredients.”

Shortey declined to give specific examples but said some food manufacturers used stem cells in the research and development process.

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  • JOE

    and though it looks like a mellon and tastes like mellon ,,,because it has been genetically modified it is no longer a natural food but a piece of plastic your body does not know how to digest and utilize it ,,,it is foreign to your body so what does it do???the chemicals are put into your joints your liver,,,brains,,kidneys anyware then when your body has no more hidding places,,,your sick…and now the F.D.A. HAS A NEW BOSS none other than the HEAD MAN OF MONSANTO watch the death rate sore,,,diseases the doctors dont have any cure for…then they allow mercury in your teeth a deadly poison and your kids are being inoculated with it and you drink flouidated water,,,another deadlly poison and you brush your teeth with it every day…boy you have to die……this is only a minute sample of how the world population will be decreased…oh,, dont forget wars,,,man made weather controle its done from a station in ALAska…I CAN GO ON BORRING YOU BUT ILL LEAVE YOU IN Y OUR LITTLE SAFE WORLD…PLEASANT DREAMS AND STICK YOUR HEAD BACK IN THE SAND…JOE

  • joe

    as i have written many times,,,the ellite, composed of the wealthiest people in the world,,,retired and running officials of the world,,,including most of our senators and congress people,,,retired and present are all involved in making a NEW WORLD ORDER…also known as A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT….THEY ARE MAKING AND TAKING THE POWER TO REDUCE THE WORLD POPULATION AND LEAVE ONE MILLION YOUNG ONES AS WORKING SLAVES…how are they going to get rid of the rest of the world population ???? very easy…put your thinking hats on and follow me…this putting placentas in our food is not poisonus,,,but putting aspertame in your sorft drinks and thousands of other foods sure is…it doesnt take as long as smoking to send you to the hospital where you start spending your life savings to stay alive… im not going to bore you with the thousands of chemicals that are put into your everyday foods…but lets get down to the best one …MONSANTO THE WORLDS LARGEST DESTROYER OF NATURAL FOODS,,,now controls eighty nine percent of the worlds seeds…all geneticaly modified. they put the most deadly ( round up ) insecticide poison in the seed…you eat it and dont even know it…just like the seedless watermellon tastes good and you dont have to keep spitting out those annoying pits…how do you grow another one ????

  • Mark

    It's the pink goo that they mix-in with McDonalds hamburger meat . . . yum!!!

  • Jess

    How long have we, and the rest of the world, been eating Chinese baby girls in imported foods from China? Or feeding it to our dogs and cats. Our laws don't apply to China. Can't let all that protein go to waste, have to dispose of it some way. Just how do the abortion clinics dispose of all those (fifty million and counting) babies anyway???

  • Walt

    Consider this. Fetuses are people fetuses are disposed of in the garbage, garbage is fed to pigs and cattle, we eat pigs and cattle, therefore we are eating people

  • Chuck

    Pepsi-co, Nestle, Starbucks cold coffee all have flavor enhancers made from Aborted Fetus Cells.

  • Walter

    Is this one of Obama job createing plans?????? It make me sick to think that anyone might come up with this . Obama in his bad judgement would probable fall for this idear. I hope he does not try to sell this under his failed green energy programs. Obama is a looser and a failed leader . He just need to get out the way…….Check out this site it say it all……………….. .

  • Old Vet

    Just think, If we all become cannibals, We'll have a new method of disposing of politicians…. Talk about eating someone's lunch, now it'l be eating someone FOR lunch.

  • MarkW
  • Silas Longshot

    My,my….the total gullibility of the American voter on display for the world to see. Fetus’ in the food supply. Hair as an “ingredient” in pizza instead of baking soda for ‘rising’ and ‘flavor’. Just what does a hair taste like? Garlic? Cheese? So, someone found a hair in their pizza, and now it’s an official ‘ingredient’? Got a clue for ya pal…as long as pizza is made by people without shaving their heads, ya gonna find an occasional hair in yer pizza.

    Is shortey a democrat, by the way?

    • Dor

      My, My, the total ignorance of those who walk around with rose colored glasses on. Everything is just fine. Go back to sleep.

  • texasdraw

    This is murder, and now cannibalism.. This is what a liberal society does, There is no end t o degradation, and the demise for power. Vote fort a american. This Obamao Regime is the same a s Hitlers, he and Mengele did the same things.

    I quit eating pizza ,because they use human hair to improve the rising and the taste of the crust.

  • lerojist

    An evil element has infiltrated our country.

  • wlllbjr5

    Soylent Green was a disgusting movie! I still get teisted out of shape when I think about it! Let me know who is doing this and I will boycott their foods! Ca anybody say "Cannabolism!" I surely thoiught that our "progresive" society was past thjis point! evidently we need to cure our "diseased " Society if this is allowed! I would encourage everyone to go to church ever Sunday -Morning and Evening as well as Wednesday night. Be sure to drag your children along and friend and neighbors! "SEVERE TOTAL STUPID LUNACY!"