Canadian Couple Welcomes 100th Grandchild

baby boy 100

Just in time for Christmas, Viktor and Aneta Urich of Grande Prairie, Alberta, welcomed their 100th grandchild, the Daily Herald-Tribune reported.
The Urichs, who are in their early 60s, have 16 children. Their eldest son, Heinrich – father of newborn Henry – has nine kids younger than 12.
“We get along fine,” Heinrich Urich told the Herald-Tribune. “It’s not boring. There’s always something interesting going on.”

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  • cheryl jessup

    God I'd hate to see their Christmas list. I think all true blue americans should have more chilcren. That will keep the illegals a minority

  • RMF

    Well done, we are hoping you have a great New year and many more grandchildren. they are not called GRAND for nothing.

  • Gershon

    Thet should have been required to also bring us 40 new acres of space for each child.

  • John

    I’ll bet Christmas at Grandma and Grandpas is fun.