Government Study Proves THC from Cannabis Destroys Cancer Cells


Medicinal marijuana oil made from cannabis buds, when ingested thrice daily, for two months, will destroy leukemia and cancer cells.  Here is just one study which shows the results:

The government study was done by Jia WHegde VLSingh NPSisco DGrant SNagarkatti M,Nagarkatti PS at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical College of Virginia Campus, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA.

To quote:  “Cannabinoids including THC, induce apoptosis in leukemic cells” PMID: 16908594

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  • Jill Carrasco

    Hey Osama Obama hater, u go and get hit by a hummer (I drive one) if people are sick with cancer they should do whatever it is to feel better. There is no control of marijuna in Colorado ( I live in CO) here, these teenagers are doing it in oil now and burning the whole buildings themselves Osama Obama hater u make me sick u can’t be a republican, a conservative or a blue collar guy

  • bluqe

    I am very sorry to announce, it would not matter to our government types or our up-tight law enforcement people if cannabis were a cure for cancer, they would continue right along with thier neanderthal idesa on drugs. They have a real thing about marajuana and somehow are convinced that people who take it are going to turn into Dope Fiends. Remember that movie, oh my God.
    It is really good though that maybe a horror disease like luekemia could be cured with the use of cannabis,

  • osama obama hater

    Here’s how it works–get stoned-sit out in the street- get run over by a bus- dead—no more cancer!

    • Hempangle

      Here’s how it goes.Sit on the street.Get run over by a drunk.End of cancer.

    • Apolitical

      Are you a retard, or you just don’t know how to read? Did you understand what they studied or how significant this is for cancer patients. If someone in your family got cancer I am sure you would not be complaining about a realistically priced substitute to chemo and radiation that is not only toxic and kills all cells regardless of whether they be cancerous or not, but also quite pricey. Honestly, just realized, with the statistical rates of cancer, either someone you know already has it, has died from it or will. So when that time comes, you can put them in the street to get rid of their cancer, because believe me, its better they get run over by the bus than have to suffer through radiation and chemo just to die from the treatment rather than the cancer itself.

      • Apolitical


        If someone in your family got cancer I am sure you would not be complaining about a realistically priced substitute to chemo and radiation (which is not only toxic and kills all cells regardless of whether they be cancerous or not, but also quite pricey).

  • Survivor

    I have leukemia of the T-Cell Large Granular Lymphocytes. Along with this comes Rheumatoid Arthritis in about 1/3 of those who get it. About a year ago I started taking synthetic canabinoids for treatment of the RA pain and inflammation.

    My RA has since gone into an inactive state. I know that the cannabinoids caused the change. I went from constant pain and flares (flares are incredibly painful and hit in shoulders, wrists, hands, feet, hip) to getting a life back.

    Time will tell if the leukemic cells will die off. The DEA has since banned my medicine by emergency order. The have effectively destroyed any research into cannabinoids by the ban. Good going DEA! People can suffer and die in horrible pain because of you.

    • Ursula


      Synthetic Cannabis is good, and has about a 13% cure rate. Your best bet is to get the “Real” stuff, it’s cure rate is much much higher. You should watch the documentary, Run from the Cure – The Rick Simpson Story (It’s on youtube) Good luck to you and peace and love

    • Hempangle

      I have kept my fibromyalgia at bay for the last 6 months from using thc enriched hemp oil.My rheumatoid arthritis and ear acks went with it.I used it for 5 days.Two teaspoons twice a day.Haven’t used any since.Run From the Cure by Rick Simpson.Check it out.You’d be suprised at how many people in gov use this stuff but just don’t say anything about it.

  • Jan

    If you do some research on treatments for cancer outside of the US you will find that clinics in other countries are curing cancer without poison, burn and slash (that is chemo therapy, radiation and surgery). The problem is “big pharma” and the medical industry do not make huge profits off these treatments. The article clearly says that it is the oil from the cannabis buds that has been successful, not smoking it. If I was diagnosed with cancer, I would seek treatment outside the country, not in the US–more effecitve and less costly.

  • Crashaxe

    Well this is information that has been known for at least 20 years and now it’s just starting to come to light. First off the big drug companies will fight this as the loss of income from cancer drugs and treatment that don’t work will be in the millions if not billions. Here’s how it goes, grow a weed and wash it with naphtha evaporate the naphtha off and ingest the oil for a month or too and the cancer will be gone. If you haven’t got the time to grow your own or don’t know how, than it will cost you between $2000 and $3000 for a pound of good hemp bud and $20 for a gallon on naphtha or you could use cheap vodka and wash it the same method.

  • Glasses

    craig, research Laetrile / leatrile not sure of spelling – Basically Vitamin B17 that should help him in correct doses.!

  • smartass

    Really the only reason yall want it legal is to get high plain and simple no need to lie about it I mean you might get further if you tell the truth. And are yall saying that no pot head has ever died from cancer hmm yeah thought so. And every cancer does not have a cure (yet) and I don’t think in our life time a cure will ever be found that’s like saying cocaine is safe in its natural form just pull a leaf off and chew it its like drinking a lot of coffee with out all the caffeine and you’ll prolly lose a lot of teeth so come on and tell the truth

    • ProfessionalPotActivist

      hey Fstain shut your trap and do some research, you have more cannabinoid receptors in your body then any other receptor in any other system in your body. we are made to ingest and use this miraculous plant that has so savagely been made into a social taboo when in all actuality it could save live produce better alternative fuels and fight antibiotic resistant viruses such as hiv mrsa and avian flu. do you have any idea what you are talking about or do you just have a problem with facts and actual accredited professors finding new ways to use the cannabinoids without having to use the ones that get you high. there are many different types of cannabinoids if you want to see the actual facts go to ABC new link here

    • devilman646

      hey dumbass, they do use cocaine is used in hospitals around the world… ever break a bone and have to have it reset?? guess what they numb you with, pure cocaine… does that mean that everybody in the hospital is snorting coke??? NO, only the ones that have to have their broken noses reset, and even then they are not snorting it, they just rub it on the inside… any numbng agent that has “caine” at the end of the name comes from cocaine!!!
      THAT SAID, i hate street use of cocaine and what it does to ppl. that does not mean that i wish the medical community to stop using it…. it does have god properties when used right.
      The amount of cannibis oil that you ingest orally is no where near the amount it takes to get you high. you would have to eat a few fl.oz of the stuff and it would prolly make you puke first…
      do a little bit of research and you will find that chemo treatment kills more ppl then it saves… this is a non invasive, simple cure that does NO harm to the person taking it. and it does not get you high…

      and what the hell does “yall” mean… it makes you sound like a southern inbred hick. really, listen to yourself..

    • .50 BMG

      For those who haven’t been clued in, marijuana was made illegal back in 1932 or thereabouts because someone (I forget the name) was about to patent the “hemp gin”, which was the direct competition for the cotton gin, which the DuPont family made their fortune on. The hemp gin would have bankrupted them if it had been patented. In order to squelch competition, the dupe-ponts allied with Anslinger in the DEA and they ran a scare campaign about marijuana, which conned people into thinking that pot was a killer drug and resulted in its’ illegality. Most people don’t know that not only is marijuana (that will get you high) a different plant than hemp (which will give you a headache at best, no buzz, but is in the same plant family), but hemp makes better rope, paper, clothes, etc. No wonder the spewponts were so worried about the competition!
      The problem is that the myth has been promulgated so successfully for so long that most people buy into it. I say, let people do as they please. Legalize it, tax it (bye bye deficit), and quit throwing otherwise harmless people in jail, (more deficit reduction!). And to those convinced that mary jane is a gateway drug, that’s likely because people try it and think “this isn’t nearly as bad as they say it is, if they lied about this, the others must be ok too” that is, until they try some of the other “street drugs” and realize they are two different things.

      • Bonney Lass

        Rubber tire mfgrs. and Wm. Randolph Hurst were also instrumental in hemp being outlawed, as it presented competition to their rubber and paper interests. Henry Ford made a car out of hemp – search for the film footage on YouTube.

    • Bonney Lass

      Hey smartass – the first part of your name does not apply to you, but the last part sure does. Your ignorance is glaring – I am embarassed for you.

    • CIA (Cannabis Intelligence Agency)

      Actually, Cocaine in its natural form is beneficial. See when they make “coke”, the coca leaves are brokedown thru an alkaline process, which strips it of all the other ingredients that make it safe for consumption. Know a lil before you start popping off at the mouth!

      Secondly folks, you dont have to use NAPTHA! You can substitute Vegetable Glycerin, or do what I do, and cook it down boiling it in Olive Oil and Water, the Tri-chromes (THC CRYSTALS) are oil soluable and get absorbed intot he Olive oil, then the water heats that oil activating the THC cannabinoids, I have been curing cuts, scrapes, puncture wounds, and even got rid of a ganglion cyst and returned mobility in a bum foot I have!

  • craig

    Wow is it really true my friend is dieing of lung cancer.can it help him?

    • Kjl


    • yo_yo

      please watch, “run from the cure”
      you will find every thing you need to know about THC.
      then you can help your beloved friend!


  • Mac

    I have an inoperative lymph gland cancer, and have lost one kidney due to cancer. Both my oncologist and internal medicine doctors have recommended cannabis to fight nausea and to increase my appetite, and it worked very well. Nevertheless, they both recommend that I not smoke it, but rather take it orally (tea or brownies, etc.) to protect the lungs. Because cannabis will drop your blood pressure it shouldn’t be used by everyone. As someone else wrote, everyone’s different. I happy to see this study come out. Maybe it will save some lives.

  • neon

    the website that the referenced this study [ pub med ] has a search function.

    try ” cannabinoids cancer ”

    these search terms return 625 studies.

    the study cited is one of 624 listed on that website.

    Hardly ‘anecdotal’ geeeeeeeez.

  • spencerQ

    You know what? I would love to be able to use marijuana, but it does have uncomfortable and possibly bad side effects. What it does to me is make my heart race and cause pain in my chest. No, I wasn’t feeling stressed out or paranoid when it started happening. I quit smoking it 30 years ago because of that. I tried it again recently, the same thing happened.

    I have read on different forums that this is not an uncommon side effect. I asked my doctor about it, who said yes, they have dealt with that effect before- and .
    So if pot is such a good thing, why does it have bad side effects for folks who would like to use it?

    • The_Whizard

      Peanuts kill people with severe peanut allergies, and we wistfully toss them to smiling children at baseball games.

    • Col

      Cannabis is not for every, but it is for a damn lot of people. Just because it’s not good for you, don’t so selfish and say that it’s not good for others who are benefiting greatly. (Not accusing you, but be sure not to develop that attitude, it’s not fair).

    • Holli Hollister


      Just as there are different kinds of wine there are also different strains of Marijuana. It’s true there are some that speed up your heart and make you feel jittery but then there are others which make you feel very mellow. Indica is a strain very often used for medicinal purposes and is very mellow and great for pain. You have to learn about the different strains of cannabis and know how they will effect your body. Here is a link to help you get started:

    • L X Dcvi

      There are 1800+ strains of cannabis. The difference is in the endocannibinoid content and ratios. You need to research and try what is recommended for your illness. Try to help yourself.

    • Bettie

      are you smoking to much? Try a couple of hits and see how that does

    • ernie yacub

      you might want to try juicing raw cannabis which is not psychoactive – see this brilliant 15min vid

      also, look for high cbd strains – cbd moderates the effect of thc – mentioned in the video.

    • max

      Dear spencer : your body probably doesnt like smoke. Smoking is very bad plus dont forget to get the anti cancer effect you have to ingest it orally not smoke it

      So try ingesting a ricedrop of oil

    • rachael

      try eating it. smoking it is a totally different effect and also is not good for your lungs.

    • bluescat

      I would also add radiation therapy and chemotherapy to the list of drugs with some serious adverse side affects. To expect any drug to be free of these is totally absurd. As others have posted, there are many different strains of cannabis that may not produce those unwelcome side effects you experience. But then again, I am talking about this from a medical perspective. I guess the same holds true if you’re just looking to get high, but that’s kind of defeating the whole purpose of this blog. I can get a buzz off my muscle relaxers too.

    • devilman646

      smoking marijuana will get you high and cure nausea, but it will not cure cancer.. you need to take the oil (yes the same oil that ppl smoke to get high) orally… don’t worry, that amount you take orally will not get you high. if you accidentally take too much it will make you sleepy. google Rick Simpson, there is a ton of info ways to make the oil safely, and instructions for taking it. tis has been working for many ppl. it does no harm to try, and it might just be able to save your life…

  • lindasc48

    Beside the fact that the usda holds patents on THC organic and synthetic ,which i really would like to know what they think they are going to do with these patents,none of the multiple studies done hve even reached the animal testing or human testing these whooaaa now they have to do it,legalize federally for medical use, is way premature reactions. Many tests all invitro which means on cells in lab, not even on animals. Every test shows positive results. The real tests are going on in the feild in states BRAVE enough to legalize medical ,cancer patients going into remission ms suffers going into remission with use.SCIENTISTS have not even gotten to animal studies due to the cost of the research so they sure are not going to get to try on humans even more money.The brave scientists who does go to these states and gather info and the brave patients are our only hope for our governenemy to ever give us back this right for natural meds …..alll unlikely since they are trying to take alll natural forms to stay healthy away including clean unadulterated food.

  • Myles O’Howe

    Check my youtube channel 2 videos “HD Antimatter: The Future is Now is ALSO about hemp sustaining self sufficient civilizations/communties/tribes around the world.

    You will find plenty of videos to help people wake up to the truth about this amazing herb. Cannabis is an essential vitamin like vitamin C. THE FDA COULD CALL WALNUTS DRUGS AND FUTURE GENERATIONS WOULD BE BRAINWASHED TO HATE WALNUTS!!!!!

    Check for instructions how to MAKE THE OIL PROPERLY you don’t want to mess up, give someone a cure and they pass away because the oil was not made properly. Properly made oil won’t have residue left from the solvent used.

    live to be 200-400 years old, consume cannabis oil! It is proven anti-aging (every womens dream?)
    Search “oldest woman ganja” she SMOKED cannabis and lived to be 125! Eating the oil regenerates damaged internal organs so in all truth eat the oil, live to be incredibly old and healthy!

    Doctors would LOVE if I was eating synthetic chemicals to make me cough up and even puke out the toxins in my lungs/body. Cannabis does a great job of cleaning my lungs from the toxins I breathe much better. If I have asthma and smoking cannabis heals my asthma, anyone who thinks smoking cannabis is bad is a brainwashed gullable fool. I used to be I hated ‘marijuana’ for most of my life until I had a series of wake up calls.

    • Steve Smith

      This article points to serious, scientifically proven medical research. You do no favours to the legalisation debate with your hyperbolic, unscientific, anecdotal claims. Please refrain from such baseless posts if you really wish to see change, you make the cannabis using community look like idiots.

    • Frank

      Hell, I’m going to be 65 on Sept 14th and I’ve never even smoked a regular cigarette; but if this proves out to be true, I think I’ll start smoking POT!

    • Jen

      Might it be better for you to inhale the cannabis in the way an asthmatic uses an inhaler? The act of smoking itself may be carcinogenic because it involves combustion and release of radiation. The actual substance being smoked (nicotine, marijuana, whatever) may have little or nothing to do with the toxic effects of smoking.

      • j r

        Those who are afraid that a little smoke might damage your lungs should look into vaporizers.