Obama’s EPA Is Killing More Jobs than Economy Can Create


Obama says he will get focused on the jobs problem just as soon as he returns from his August vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Like the more famous Hamptons, the Vineyard is a playground of the rich and famous out to find some summer enjoyment on the Atlantic shore. Just before leaving, Obama articulated his number one goal is to grow the economy.

But while Obama is playing jetsetter, back in Washington a crucial regulatory agency, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has been captured by a group of extremists who actually believe the USA would be better off with a smaller economy.

In some of the economy’s most hopeful corners, these bureaucrats are wielding all of the levers of regulatory authority in their arsenal to kill growth. Just as the “green shoots” of recovery sprout, they come along with a can of herbicidal regulations and kill the sprout. As long as Obama leaves these extremists in charge of the agency, the economy is unlikely to recover and will suffer.

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  • Pat Sinclair

    The EPA has the water shut down in California because of a fish, the logging shut down in Oregon because of a spotted owl, and oil shut down in Texas because of a reptile. What is this country coming to. All of these regulations and many more need to be repealed and gotten rid of so the country can grow again. Obama does not know anything about business or how the world works. He just thinks he does. The new man to solve our problem has not experience in business and only suggested a 5% tax and tell me how that is going to make jobs and grow the economy. Obama must thinks the people are really dumb. He needs to go and get somebody that knows how to get the job done. Obama is destroying our country. Impeach him.

    • Healthy Home

      You are NUTS. How can you be for ruining our environment? Do you want clean air to breath and clean water to drink? Do you want the planet to start cooling a bit instead of melting before our eyes? The things you referenced, some fish in the water in California and the spotted owl in Oreogn, didn’t even happen during Obama’s presidency. Are you saying Bush grew the economy with more jobs? You may be right if you are only talking about the wealthy (Haliburton – - – aka Cheney) and the corporations such as the oil industry making billions in PROFITS or GE paying no taxes and getting billions of dollars back from our tax dollars. He did send a lot of our young people to invade Iraq. Is that what you mean by employing people and growing the economy? Just because Bush didn’t allow the returning dead bodies to be shown doesn’t mean our sons and daughters didn’t die over there. No thoughts about green jobs or is the word “green” a dirty word to you? Dirty water and air are okay with you?

      • Infidel

        YOU are NUTS.
        BO is doing everything he can to STOP Job growth. The things Pat mentioned are all true. There are thousands of jobs waiting to be created by the Trans Canada-US pipeline with VERY little environmental impact and HUGE job growth, not to mention cheaper gas.
        The government made ‘drought’ in Central Californica needs to end. They are drying up food producing farms because of some bait fish.

      • Max Penn

        The EPA is out of control. Obama has a plan to collapse the economy, the EPA is a perfect
        tool for the job. Forcing people to pay 300,000 dollars for a permit to build a house of their
        own property has what to do with the environment?? Can anyone tell me?? This is going on
        in the north west of America. We now have laws governing light bulbs, we band the old
        incandescent bulbs for fluorescence bulbs, but we can not make fluorescence bulbs in
        America because the EPA has regulations making things with Mercury in it next to impossible.
        Green power, yaaa, right on! Use solar power, yah well making solar panels in the US is next
        to impossible as well, since it takes lote of very toxic stuff the the EPA does not like.
        If Mr Healthy Home had a clue he would be a genius, well maybe not.

  • Rudloph

    The ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION AGENCY is useless, it just makes our economy worse. Their whole existence depends on pollution and bad mouthing it. The more pollution the better off they are. No pollution = no job! Why not name them the waste management agency? This implies an attempt to solve pollution problems NOT being pollution police! Just garbage managers. When I lived in England, we had garbage collector immigrants from Ireland. Once a year I would give them a bottle of Irish Whiskey at xmas and boy did they ever have fun on top of garbage. I think the EPA should hire workers from Ireland and pay them enough so they could enjoy Irish Whiskey managing our pollution.

    • Healthy Home

      Please go back to England.

      • Infidel

        Healthy Home Please go back to Hell. You are the worst of the wacko environmentalists
        Global Warming????
        NOT Man Made
        Look up in the sky. Did you ever notice that big bright thing or do you sleep all day?

  • Gary

    No surprise here. Does anybody really believe that Obama is serious on creating jobs. He is intent on destroying everything possible. Part of the Muslim plan.

    • Healthy Home

      It’s great you are so well versed on the “Muslim plan”. Where did you read about it? As far as I’ve read most of the Muslim population is peaceful and that’s the message they want to offer. I know a few and they’ve never indicated they have a “plan” any more than the Christians did and do by inflicting their beliefs on all the world’s population. Have you never read what they did to the American Indian population? It was nothing short of abdominal. What about Mormons going on missions to spread “their plan”. So, how is the “Muslim plan” any different?

      • Infidel

        READ THE KORAN, Health NUT
        Mohammed was a warlord. His 1st converts were camel jockeys from the 1st caravan he hijacked outside Medina. “Join me or off with your head”
        And it continues today.
        Mohamed the pedophile had a 6 year old wife, Ayisha, but being a gentleman he didn’t consumate the marriage until she was nine.
        Mohammed was poisoned by a Jewish Slave girl that he had raped. It took him a week to die.
        How can anyone worship a man like this

  • Carolyn Kane

    I am always amazed at how much power the E.P.A. has gained in the U.S.A. none of these people were ever voted in yet they control every part of our lives. I think it is time for people to start looking at everything that they do and if it is even legal. They control what we eat what cars we drive ,the fuel we use the water we drink even the light blulbs we us. They have their hands in every part of our lives. This is a very scary thing to look at if you really start thinking about all the control that they have over American people.

    • Nancy

      Them and also the FDA. Did you know that with the last Food Bill they snuck through, Codex is included in it (they’ve been trying to get that through for a decade with no success). Codex will make all vitamins and supplements out of our reach except through an MD. You will start to see the small (good) supplement companies going out of business over the years. Codex was passed in Europe years ago and they just made all vitamins and supplements by prescription only.

      Oh they are also intent on getting rid of all small, independent farmers.

    • Healthy Home

      It is scary that one organization has so much power, however, how scary would it be without it? If you really want to see something scary, read the National Geographic July 2011 article “Food Ark”. Protecting our environment does hurt but it would hurt a lot more if we don’t.

      • Infidel

        You are an idiot

  • Larry Owens

    Get rid of a lot of dept of this, dept of that, what a crock of baloney to much BIG Government and to much BIG Taxes. I really think the american people can live without all the stupid Gov. departments making our lives less productive and hurting our economy. But of course what would the Big over Bloated Gov. officials have to do if we shut down their little play grounds. To many chiefs and not enough indians.