AFLAC lies, procrastinates and doesn't pay! State College, Pennsylvania


Gee, where to begin. I thought I was finally going to be a responsible adult and purchase a back-up plan in case something were to happen to myself or my husband. I purchased personal sickness/hospitalization and the cancer policies. Before I signed I made sure to ask the agent about a pre-existing condition I had in the event that I would need it in the future. I was assured by the agent that I would definately be covered after 6 months. First LIE. I ended up needing a complete hysterectomy. It was scheduled 7 months later. Even before scheduling I called AFLAC multiple times and spoke to many different people and was told YES it will be covered on such and such date. No problem. well my doctor had a cancellation so I scheduled it earlier (still in the 6 month window) AGAIN, I called to confirm would it still be covered. and again I was told, definately. We got the persons name and a confirmation# just to be safe. Needless to say, I had the surgery, submitted the forms, and it has been over 5 WEEKS. not 4 days like they tell you its going to be online. I’ve been denied twice and still haven’t received a cent. Apparently, somewhere in the FINE PRINT. there is an additional 30 day waiting period after the 6 months. why can’t they just say 7 months? Had I known that I would have stuck with my original date for surgery which was scheduled 7 months after I opened the claim. But silly me, I thought that after calling numerous times and asking different service people each time that they should all have given me the correct date for coverage including the extra 30 days. DO THEY ALL NEED RETRAINED?

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  • AflacPhyllis

    Hi, I’m AflacPhyllis, an Aflac worldwide headquarters employee here to help. I’m sorry that you have not had a good experience with Aflac thus far; we would like to assist you in any way possible. I can have this issue reviewed for you for a possible resolution. Please send an e-mail to me at The email should contain the full name of the policyholder and the policy number. Thank you.

  • NIELS OLSEN kimberly, idaho

    JUST REMEMBER, the insurance companies that do the most advertising also do the most to keep your money. you all know the system is set up from the beginning to deny deny deny payment.
    even if you get it in writing, insurance cos. will find loopholes to assist them in not paying.
    never did like the aflak comercials or the company.

  • suzdp

    Get in touch with your state’s attorney general. All states have a department that oversees and regulates insurers. Letters from the state government on behalf of their residents get priority handling by insurers. This is because the state can shut down the insurer if enough complaints are made against them. Belive me. I worked for an insurance company for 15 years processing medical claims and those official letters literally made people jump. Good luck.

  • Ree

    I had breast cancer, and they were great, paid like they said they would.

  • Sandy

    I KNOW that it pays 100% if you are not just trying to rip the system off… My significant other had been hurt at work and he received Aflac every week.. Even when he wasn’t getting better and they eventually found massive brain cancer they continued to pay him for each chemo treatment he took. They paid him right up until the day he died and did so without any complaint. He had the policy for over 5 years but it paid off when he needed it the most. HOWEVER, that being said once the cancer was diagnosed and the company realized that he would not be coming back to work they arranged to pay for his policy an additional 90 days and then they were going to cancel it. Unfournately (or fournately depending on how u look at things) he died 24 hours before the policy cancelled…

  • Sukhotai

    ALL medical policies coverage ONLY begins the date of policy approval, and it has “always” been a normal wording for “pre-existing” things “if accepted” to generally have a six month wait, “especially” things like hysterectomy, which has a claim history of being abused. From the sounds of the above wording it appears that this condition was “known”, thus the 7 month scheduling time, and the error was rescheduling it to within the 6 month waiting period. People waiting till they “need” insurance and then buying it is why rates go up so much..sort of like having an accident and then wanting to buy car insurance “after-the-fact”. NO sympathy here. I’ve carried medical insurance for 40+ years and only used it a couple of times for minor things…still glad to have it when I needed it…and never a question of paying my claim…funny how that works.

  • JR

    This is like those car insurance ads, GEICO, Progressive, etc. Does anyone really believe that a lizard (gekko) or some ditzy girl have any credibility regarding insurance?

  • jr

    Sorry you had that experience, but they paid quickly when I had breast cancer.

  • Dave Roe

    When the full affect of the Affordable Health care program (Obana Care) is implemented AFLAC and other insurance Co. will not be able to play these games anymore.


      Because there won’t be any insurance available at any price because of the commie dictator

    • William

      No, Roe, because Obamacare will drive other insurance businesses out of business, one way or the other- since Obamacare promotes the elimination of senior citiziens, the physically disabled and mentally challenged, and any other group of citizens to whom they wish to discriminate. AND, if there are still other insurance companies that can survive and which will pay claims, Obamacare won’t be able to accomplish its goal quite as quickly, which is: to create a socialistic society of young and middle aged people who are totally under completely dependent upon the muslim president and his “elite” group of thugs, murderers, and thieves.

      • Marc Jeric

        I could not have said it any better. Well – except calling Mullah Obama by his proper name which is Abu Hussein al-Mombassa, or whatever Kenyan hellhole that marxist Muslim was born in.

  • Wayne Butler, Tennessee

    The bad part is that AFLAC premiums will no doubt increase with obummer’s obamacare. Another crock of crap to say the least.

  • Ernest

    My son has an on going symton that hasn’t been diagnoesd as of yet . he has AFFLAC though his work and is a single person .After haveing insurance 7or 8 mos he started going to the doctor for theise ongoing symtons Afflac said they wouldn’t cover even the tests.After a well written letter from an attourny Afflac calls and reminds him of his appointments . $50 tops for the letter.

  • bob