Armed Agents Swoop Down on Sellers of Raw Milk and Cheese

raw milk

Multiple sources have confirmed the fact that all three individuals arrested – James Stewart, Victoria Bloch and Sharon Palmer – are being charged with ‘conspiracy’ related to the sell of unpasteurized raw milk products.

This reportedly includes sections of the California Penal Code Section 182a. Additional charges may also be pending, including a charge of ‘mislabeling cheese’ for Sharon Palmer, was arrested during a raid of Healthy Family Farms. As video of the raid on Rawesome Foods (also raided in 2010) demonstrates, Feds not only seized cash and raw milk supplies (much of which was also dumped out) but also mangos and other fresh, organic produce.

Activists have planned a protest tomorrow outside the L.A. County Courthouse to demand the release of the raw food retailers, each held on bonds reportedly exceeding $120,000.

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  • Greg Ulscht

    I feel much safer now

  • bob vinton

    totally hitler style tactics,picking on people trying to make a living,we used whole milk& produce for 50 years just fine,it is sometimes the processing that does the damage to people.Oh them vicious terrible ladies and farmers,only one thing to do,hang em in the milk stanchions.Folks ,when will the stupidity of the liberals stop.

    • Chuck Nolte

      Pull your head out of your ass. You deserve to die from one of the disgusting diseases that are spread by raw milk.

      • Rickey

        You may as well go find a morgue and lay down, because you are undoubtedly brain dead now. Hell, I bet you are even one of the inbred bleeding heart liberal commies that want all of the illegals over here.
        Go ahead and admit it, unless of course you are just as cowardly as your bleeding heart liberal commie buddies.

      • Mr Jack

        Hey dickhead, I was raised on raw milk. I am now 55 and in great shape. If you don’t like it don’t drink it. Please stay out of our business. We don’t need dimwits like you running around What diseases are talking about anyway? (crickets)

      • Mr Jack

        Name one.

      • Charles Martel

        You sound like as much of a piece of crap as Nick Nolte, any relation there, LOSER???!!!

  • smitth

    Forget the issue of the raw milk, etc., rather look at the big picture. Our government is setting us for the big one – GESTAPO style tactics. This is an attempt to condition the public who is basically very naive. Obama talked about a national security force that would be as well funded, as well equipped and as well trained as our U.S. MILITARY. WHY do we need this? According to Neal Bortz on his radio program was discussing that very matter and told of the government agents attacking the Greyhound Bus Station in Tampa, FL this past April using military style weapons. They attacked from air, land, and water. He is the only scource that I have heard mention this, but I’m sure there is cause for alarm. Why has no other media mentioned this? I am very, very concerned about the future of AMERICA and the freedoms we have grown accustomed to enjoying. The only chance we will have to change the predictable future of this great Country is at the VOTING POLLS in 2012. If you don’t vote, then you should not complain. GOD BLESS US ALL AND OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.

    • Daniel from TN

      The government controlled media, aka lamestream media, aka mainstream media does not cover these type of stories because they are absolutely in love with Liberalism, especially as it relates to Obama. If they actually covered one of these stories that means they would have to admit they were wrong about Liberalism: They have too much pride to do this.

    • Dillonsmom

      This is soo disgusting…… parents would have been labeled terrioists……..we grew up on raw goats milk…….when is this going to stop? Seems like only innocent people are victumized………what in the h……is being done about illegals, murder, rape, sharia law…….race riots……………..Ohhh I forgot….with this administtraton….none of that is important. Just terriorize people …………ya think people are goning to wake up before it’s too late

      • ARMYOF69

        I too grew up drinking plenty of “just squeezed” hot frothy goat milk, and am still alive, I think.
        Mum would get mad at my grandfather for not boiling the milk.
        But that milk tasted incredible.

  • Ron

    Once again, the Nanny State to the rescue saving us from ourselves! Thanks, Nanny State! What would we do without you, Nanny State?

    • Dee

      I’m really sick of this government trying to take over everything. They do NOT know best about what we need for our own lives. They don’t know us.

  • Sandra

    Once again the people who but the whole milk and cheese know what they are doing. Leave the people alone. We need to consider that if people are too gaulable or dumb to realize when they buy raw milk and raw milk products that the items are not pastureized our schools and our society is in trouble. Maybe the gene pool would be better off without those folks particular group of genes. And the government needs to butt out.

    • Daniel from TN

      Those people who do not realize they are buying raw products are probably from the shallow end of the gene pool.

      • USAF VET

        Yeah, well just think about this. These products never hurt our ancestors. Raw milk and cheese is just milk and cheese without all the government regulations thrown in to be what THEY think we should be consuming. As stated before, get the government out of our lives. There is nothing wrong with milk or cheese not being pasturized, and that is the only difference between your “RAW” milk and any other kind.

        • Mr Jack

          Pasturisation gives it a longer shelf life

      • william thompson

        Well spoken by one who has swallowed the brainwashing which comes from being educated in a government dictated school system. If they take federal funding, they are federally controlled. Poor deluded individual, there can be no control of those who produce with natural rsources; no artificial pricing;no adding artificial flavorings or fillers. Just think of all the people who might be unemployed because of the lack of processing. Poor deluded individual, you cannot see dietary dictocrats taking away your freedoms as a sovereign individual.
        Why do think we are not called subjects? Your apathetic ignorance is of your own making. You are too content with yourself to research the difference between real milk and the chemically altered crap sold in stores. You may as well wear a Tshirt which says “I am bought and paid for by special interest corporations.”

  • Violet

    I’d like to see them swoop down on the large manufacturing concerns for threatening the health of the world with its chemicals and genetically managed crops. It would be wise for the feds to pick on someone their own size but then it is easier to be a bully.

    • ARMYOF69

      Why don’t they sweep down on Barney Franks and his boyfriends instead? Whoops, maybe better not , he might like that.