FDA Chief Exits As E-Cig Fight Smolders

th-9 Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg steps down from her post this week as the agency grapples with an one of the most contentious issues of her tenure: how to regulate electronic cigarettes. Hamburg is recognized for her efforts to rein in tobacco companies over the last six years, but observers of a battle […] Continue Reading

Abortionists Recruiting Minors for Bleeding Experiment

th No, this isn’t some sick April Fools’ Day joke. From LifeNews.com: The University of Hawaii is recruiting patients as young as 14 for second-trimester abortions to determine how much they bleed during the procedure. The controversial study is already underway at the Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu, led by Bliss Kaneshiro, MD, and Kate Whitehouse, […] Continue Reading

Adding Corruption to Obamacare Incompetence

th-2 Deception and unaccountability have plagued Obamacare from the start. First, millions of Americans found out that, contrary to promises, they couldn’t keep the health insurance plans they liked. Then a botched website rollout spoiled the law’s enrollment debut. Now, in the law’s first real tax season, the federal government sent 800,000 enrollees incorrect tax forms. […] Continue Reading

Lethal Injection Drug Shortage May Get Worse

th-8 A shortage of lethal injection drugs could get much worse and force states to consider other methods of execution, from nitrogen gas to firing squads. Two major pharmacy groups recently warned their members not to participate in executions due to ethical and liability concerns. The announcements come as pharmaceutical manufacturers have over the past few […] Continue Reading

Medicaid Expansion Plans Rejected by Multiple State

th-7 More Republicans tried to expand state Medicaid programs this year, but their colleagues haven’t bitten. Legislators in Tennessee, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming have rejected alternative plans proposed by Republican governors, and some GOP legislators in Florida and Montana are struggling to advance alternate plans as well. These states are among the 22 that have rejected […] Continue Reading

PA Students Needed Permission Slip to Eat One Oreo Cookie

Double Stuf Sixth-grade students in one public school in Narberth, Pennsylvania had to obtain a signed parental permission slip before being allowed to eat a single Oreo cookie. In a March 23rd letter sent home with Welsh Valley Middle School students by teacher Darlene Porter, parents were warned that students would each be given one Double Stuf […] Continue Reading

Gay Agenda Trumps First Amendment?

th-2 The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were crystal clear on the priority of religious liberty. The first sentence of the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The oft-ignored second portion of that, […] Continue Reading

House Tea Party Leader Signs Up for ObamaCare

th-7 One of ObamaCare’s staunchest foes in Congress acknowledged that he has purchased insurance at HealthCare.gov. “For the record, I am on ObamaCare. Yee-hah!” Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said during a town-hall meeting last month. “My wife complains about it all the time,” he said, according to the Clay Center Dispatch. Another firebrand conservative, Sen. Ted […] Continue Reading