New Czar Snubs House Request to Testify at Ebola Hearing

Ron-Klain Ebola czar Ron Klain has snubbed an invitation to testify before a House committee examining how the government is responding to the outbreak of the deadly disease, according to reports. The White House has told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that Klain will not appear at the hearing this Friday, Fox News reported, […] Continue Reading

Dentists Brace for New EPA Pollution Rules

images Dentists are facing new pollution rules from the Environmental Protection Agency that could cost the industry millions of dollars to comply with. The EPA is targeting the excess mercury often used in dental fillings, and is seeking to have dentists filter out the substance when dumping into the water supply. The agency proposed the rules […] Continue Reading

Inside the New School Lunch

5-back-to-school-lunches-tuna-wrap On a typical Thursday, Cole Coffey, a sixth-grader at School Middle School in Lincoln, Nebraska, would face a school lunch menu that reads a little like a Weight-Watchers recipe guide: WHOLE GRAIN CHICKEN NUGGETS WITH WHOLE WHEAT GARLIC BREAD WHOLE GRAIN LASAGNA WITH WHOLE WHEAT GARLIC BREAD SWEET & SOUR MEATBALLS ON WHOLE GRAIN BROWN […] Continue Reading

Obamacare Epidemic is Out of Control

obamacare110912 Today, I received my corporate based healthcare benefits package in the mail.  Turns out, it’s more ominous and reality-based than the much-hyped Ebola could ever be. Starting in 2015 my annual out-of-pocket maximum will shoot up another $3,200 to $9,200. Specialty drug copays up 20%; my annual deductible for family coverage doubled and my employer […] Continue Reading

Nurses Union Demands Obama Become Medical Dictator

0930presbydallas Citing the threat of Ebola spreading further domestically, the largest labor union for registered nurses in the United States called on Obama to “invoke his executive authority” to commandeer hospitals and essentially declare himself to be medical dictator. In a letter to the president, the National Nurses United group, which has faced controversy for its […] Continue Reading

Health Worker on Cruise Tests Negative for Ebola

1413571595657.cached A lab worker who handled samples from the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. tested negative for the disease Sunday, after self-quarantining for seven days on a cruise ship, according to The Carnival Cruise Line ship carrying the health worker, identified as a woman, never showed any signs of illness, and the ship […] Continue Reading

Why Gay Marriage Never Became a Midterm Issue

gay-marriage-jpg In a key midterm election year, an unexpected Supreme Court decision on a divisive political issue would usually send shockwaves. But when the Supreme Court opted recently to let stand rulings allowing gay marriage in five states, paving the way for gay marriage in many others, it hardly registered on the campaign trail. In North […] Continue Reading