ObamaCare Under Fire in Senate's 'Vote-a-rama'

th-10 Senate Republicans are targeting ObamaCare in the chamber’s marathon session on budget amendments known as “vote-a-rama” on Thursday. Senators have proposed 85 healthcare-related amendments, including a full repeal of ObamaCare, a ban on any ObamaCare marketing and a shift of Medicaid into states’ control. The symbolic proposals are among more than 600 amendments that the […] Continue Reading

Indiana Gov. Pence Signs Anti-Gay 'Religious Objections' Bill

th-8 Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Thursday signed into law a religious objections bill that some convention organizers and business leaders have opposed amid concern it could allow discrimination against gay people. Indiana is the first state to enact such a change this year among about a dozen where such proposals have been introduced. The measure […] Continue Reading

Ted Cruz 'Weighing Options' for his Family's Healthcare Coverage

th-3 Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz will decide “in the coming days” whether to purchase health insurance through Obamacare, his spokesman Rick Tyler said. The Cruzes had been covered through his wife’s plan at Goldman Sachs in Houston where she is a managing director. Heidi Cruz is taking unpaid leave to work on the campaign. […] Continue Reading

Ted Cruz: I'm Signing Up for Obamacare

th-12 One of the Affordable Care Act’s biggest foes will be signing his family up for Obamacare after all, CNN reports. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz previously had been receiving health insurance benefits through his wife Heidi’s job.But Cruz on Monday announced he will seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, so his wife took an unpaid […] Continue Reading

Obama Announces Next Steps for Obamacare

091714_Obama_HS18 President Obama will mark his healthcare law’s fifth birthday partly by talking about what it hasn’t accomplished. In a speech Wednesday commemorating his signature domestic achievement, the president will also talk about what he’d like to see happen next with health reform, White House officials said. That involves improving quality in the U.S. healthcare system […] Continue Reading

Ben Carson: President Obama Looks Good, 'Like Most Psychopaths'

bencarson In a new GQ profile, renowned neurosurgeon and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson describes President Obama as a “psychopath” for his skill at lying to the American people. Carson excoriated Obama while viewing the president during his State of the Union address at the Capitol Hill home of Armstrong Williams, a conservative media […] Continue Reading