'Cadillac Tax' Repeal Threatened By Dems - Again

Pic_1-JB Everyone from Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton to Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, wants to scrap the “Cadillac tax” on generous health care plans — a rare bipartisan push to tweak Obamacare — but there is little consensus on how to fill the $90 billion budget hole that a repeal would leave. The disagreement […] Continue Reading

Senator Worried About FDA Going 'Rogue'

fda-2 A senator from a state hit by soaring painkiller abuse is worried that the next leader of the Food and Drug Administration could “go rogue” and approve unnecessary opioids and further contribute to a growing epidemic. The White House has nominated well-respected clinical researcher Robert Califf to be the next FDA commissioner. While Califf can […] Continue Reading

Feds Push Forward With Controversial Health Rule

27782_large_electronic-health-records The Obama administration is moving ahead with controversial new rules that require doctors to switch to electronic health records or face fees, resisting calls from both parties to delay implementation. Federal health officials said the final rules released Tuesday will make “significant changes” in the “meaningful use” electronic health records program, such as lowering the number […] Continue Reading

Gen. Campbell: Afghan Hospital Attack Was US' Fault

54 The top U.S. general in Afghanistan confirmed that an American gunship carried out the aerial assault that destroyed a hospital during fighting in the northern city of Kunduz, killing 22 people, including 12 aid workers, and injuring dozens more patients and staff. It was the first direct U.S. acknowledgment of responsibility for what General John […] Continue Reading

Feds Spend $440,885 For Robots to Tell Preschoolers Stories

robo-tie_456_296_c1 The National Science Foundation is spending nearly a half a million dollars to create robots that can tell stories to preschoolers. The $440,885 project seeks to “push the envelope” of normal storytelling aimed at four-year-olds. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is conducting the study, which began last month. “Early language ability, including vocabulary skills and […] Continue Reading