White House Concedes New Gun Laws Wouldn't Have Stopped Va. Gunman

JoshEarnest The White House conceded Friday that new gun regulations probably wouldn’t have prevented the gunman who murdered two television journalists in southwestern Virginia this week. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said it appears that a proposal championed by President Obama to require background checks on purchases at gun shows “would not have applied in […] Continue Reading

Boehner Rips VA for Breaking Promise on Health Backlog

images-1 House Speaker John Boehner this week criticized the Department of Veterans Affairs for failing to meet its own goal of ending the veteran’s healthcare backlog, and instead bragging that the backlog has been reduced to 98,535 veterans. The VA sent out an email to its employees on Monday to “congratulate the Veterans Benefits Administration for […] Continue Reading

John Lott: Banning Guns Leads to More Violence

th-1 In the wake of Wednesday’s shooting of two journalists in Virginia, one crime expert is calling out people who claim banning firearms helps reduce violence. “Maybe they’ve heard of Switzerland, which has a higher gun possession rate than we have here in the United States. Maybe they’ve heard of Israel. If you look across the […] Continue Reading

Carson: There's a War on 'What's Inside of Women'

th-1 Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is dismissing the notion that there is a “war on women,” saying the real war is on “what’s inside of women.” “They tell you that there’s a war on women,” Carson said at a rally in Little Rock, Ark. on Thursday. “There is no war on women – there may be […] Continue Reading

School Administrators 'Pick Through Garbage' to Learn Why Students Won't Eat Michelle O Lunches

th-2 Gwinnett County Schools nutrition and procurement coordinator Karen Hallford knows students don’t much care for whole fruits and vegetables, and they seldom eat cheese stuffed pizza crust. Hallford and other cafeteria workers in the district regularly pick through students’ finished lunch trays to see what going in the garbage, 11 Alive reports. “We know what […] Continue Reading

Does This School's Transgender Bathroom Policy Violate Student Privacy?

 A Missouri school district is under fire for allowing students to use restrooms and locker rooms designated for the opposite sex. Alliance Defending Freedom has sent a letter to the Hillsboro R-3 School District asking the board of education to change its recent decision. “Protecting students from inappropriate exposure to the opposite sex is not only perfectly legal, it’s a school […] Continue Reading