Ted Cruz: Obamacare Defunding Fight Wasn't Winnable

tedcruz In a wide-ranging speech to the Club for Growth winter meeting Friday night, Sen. Ted Cruz looked back on his 2013 crusade to defund Obamacare — an effort that consumed Washington, led to bitter Republican party infighting, and resulted in a partial government shutdown — and concluded it was a fight he probably never could […] Continue Reading

For First Time, Proposed Federal Dietary Guidelines Include 'Sustainability'

th-12 For the first time, the proposed federal dietary guidelines released last week go beyond the usual advice to eat more fruits and vegetables to include consideration of “the impact of food production, processing, and consumption on environmental sustainability.” “Overall, it is clear that environmental sustainability adds further dimensions to dietary guidance; not just what we eat […] Continue Reading

Facebook: 58 Gender Options Aren't Enough

th-9 Facebook used to give people the option to choose male or female for gender but quickly realized it was too limiting, so it created 58 more categories.  Then it decided that the 58 categories weren’t enough and now, in addition to them, is adding an “other” box, where you can write something in.  Let’s review […] Continue Reading

GOP Rep. Loudermilk: I Didn't Vaccinate All My Children

th-8 Freshman Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia recently told constituents that he and his wife chose not to vaccinate “most” of their three home-schooled children against the measles and other viral infections because “it’s the parents’ decision whether to immunize or not.” In his first congressional town hall, Loudermilk was talking to an audience member […] Continue Reading

UN Health Agency Warns of Flu 'Surprises'

th-14 The World Health Organization is warning countries across the globe in a new report to “be prepared for surprises” in the next flu pandemic. “Though the world is better prepared for the next pandemic than ever before, it remains highly vulnerable, especially to a pandemic that causes severe disease,” the report states. “Nothing about influenza […] Continue Reading

Feds Allow Emergency Use of Drugs, Tests to Combat Deadly Enterovirus

th-13 The Obama administration is allowing emergency use of unapproved drugs and diagnostic tests to combat a highly contagious respiratory virus that has infected more than 1,000 people. The administration announcement Friday notes that the nation is on the cusp of a potential “public health emergency” due to enterovirus-D68, which causes severe respiratory illnesses in mostly […] Continue Reading

Michelle Obama Takes Credit for Food 'Culture Change'

michelle-obama-428-ts300 Michelle Obama said Thursday that the U.S. has undergone a “culture change” in the five years since she started raising awareness about childhood obesity, but as she celebrated achievements on multiple fronts the first lady also warned that the progress is “incredibly fragile.” That’s because special interests “whose first priority is not our kids’ health” […] Continue Reading

Palin Demands Obama Put Veterans Ahead of Illegals

SarahPalinRaleigh On Thursday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin ripped the Obama administration for putting the needs of illegal immigrants ahead of veterans who sacrificed to ensure the nation’s freedoms. At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Palin referred to the Veterans Administration’s wait-list scandal and said, “we can’t wait for D.C. to fix their bureaucratic blunders.” […] Continue Reading

Flu Vaccine Even Less Effective Than Thought: CDC

th-3 This year’s flu vaccine is even more disappointing than previously reported, showing just 18 percent effectiveness against the dominant H3N2 strain of flu, U.S. health officials reported Thursday. That’s a drop from the 23 percent protection level estimated for the flu shot earlier in the season, said experts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control […] Continue Reading