New Rules Protect Transgender Workers Against Discrimination

workplaceprotections Transgender employees will be protected from workplace discrimination in the public sector, the Department of Justice announced Thursday. Previously, workplace discrimination laws in the public sector excluded discrimination on the basis of a person’s gender identity, the Justice Department noted. But Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that the federal government’s views on this issue […] Continue Reading

Burwell Recruits Liberal 'Faith Leaders' to Promote Obamacare

Sylvia+Mathews+Burwell+aBvWnKkDfi-m Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell met with “faith organizations from across the country” last week to ask them to help people enroll in federal health care insurance plans created through the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. “We know that the most effective voices on helping folks learn about the Affordable Care Act are […] Continue Reading

Ibuprofen May Improve Longevity, Study Suggests

ibuprofen Regular doses of a common over-the-counter painkiller may lead to a longer, healthier life, researchers have found. In a study published Thursday in the journal Public Library of Science-Genetics, researchers treated baker’s yeast, worms and flies with ibuprofen and saw that the treatment added about 15 percent more to the species’ lives. The treatment dose […] Continue Reading

New York State Bans Fracking After Health Report

 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration said on Wednesday it will ban hydraulic fracturing in the state after a long-awaited report concluded that the gas-drilling method poses health risks. New York Environmental Commissioner Joseph Martens said at a cabinet meeting he will issue an order early next year banning fracking, which has been under a […] Continue Reading

Obama Pardons 12, Commutes Drug Sentences

WhiteHouse_091814_Obama1 President Obama commuted lengthy prison sentences Wednesday for eight people convicted of drug offenses and issued pardons to 12 other federal convicts. The drug sentences ranged from 16 years to life imprisonment, and administration officials said the president’s actions were consistent with his push to reduce sentences for certain drug offenses, particularly involving crack cocaine. […] Continue Reading